208: Blake’s Borough

We kick all the pricks this week as guest host Andrew Blakeborough returns for a trip to Claw City and a review of Logan! Plus, a look at the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, and a review of the new PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn! Robot dinosaurs, guys…’nuff said.

Plus, we’ve got news, another glance at Legion and The Expanse, hot trailer talk featuring Alien: Covenant, Ghost in the Shell, Deadpool 2, and Guardians 2, an examination of the Bechdel Test in modern gaming, Kal reveals his Donner Party theory of movie development, Andy confesses to killing *so* many party members for their lightsabers (RIP Juhani), tight swimmers bod Wolvie, a million gigabytes of video game talk, AND we pitch a Daken heist movie! We’re the best there is at what we do, and the worst at what we don’t. We all are. Think about that.

Listen to “208: Blake's Borough” on Spreaker.

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