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News, Glorious News! 0

News, Glorious News!

Lots of news this week as Kal and Mika clean out the nerd closets. Plus, a look back at the Oscars and reviews of the Agent Carter finale and the debut issue of Spider-Gwen! Face it, listener; you just hit the jackpot! MORE?!?!?!

The Order? Ham on Rye…1886 style 0

The Order? Ham on Rye…1886 style

…or maybe cucumber sandwiches. Because they’re oh so fancy in merry ol’ Engaland. I know it’s spelled wrong. A touch (I do confess) of editorializing: I think review embargoes are male bovine excrement. If you don’t know, most gaming journalism outlets are subject to industry embargoes for their game reviews;...

Divine Intervention 0

Divine Intervention

Image via I finally joined the cool kids and read the first 7 issues of The Wicked + The Divine. One word: phenomenal. (If you aren’t already reading it–start right now. Why are you still reading this?! Read this comic!!) Ahem… The comic follows “The Pantheon”–twelve human teenagers who become gods...

X-Files, now tinier! 0

X-Files, now tinier!

Ooooooooh, hello! Check out Miniature X-Files Office on Instagram 

You will believe that a man can be arrested by security 0

You will believe that a man can be arrested by security

*breathing into paper bag* Agent Scully is going to be at WizardWorld Minneapolis I…yi yi. Yeah. Via Wizard

Sorry, Charlie… 0

Sorry, Charlie…

First Photo of Jason Momoa as Aquaman from “Batman V Superman” Released I honestly can’t tell if I’m supposed to be excited, disappointed, sleepy or what anymore with the constant stream of leaks but speaking of ‘stream”, here’s Jason Momoa as Aquaman Took a couple of levels in “badass”, it...

Vacation! 0


It’s anybody’s guess this week as we play hooky and let it all hang out…and review Gone Girl, the Wicked and the Divine and other current comic releases and take it to NBC for their uncoolness. Party foul! Here’s your ticket to Paradise

Morning News Muffin Basket 0

Morning News Muffin Basket

But it’s been pretty picked over. All that’s left is bran and like a walnut…something? Neill Blomkamp is supposedly directing a new Alien film. Question, Neill: why so many ‘L’s? And a follow up: you know androids aren’t robots, right? Via CBR There’s always casting news in these dark times...

The CON(tv) is On 0

The CON(tv) is On

On March 3rd, Wizard World, in connection with Cinedigm, is launching a service called CONtv. The multi-platform digital service will feature genre films and TV (80’s cartoons, cult films, anime, horror) as well as original shows (reality shows and game shows) plus content from Wizard conventions (panels, events, interviews and...

Extra! Extra! Extra shows going into storage 0

Extra! Extra! Extra shows going into storage

Well, it’s happened but it’s a good thing. Just as obesity was seen as a side-effect of wealth and success in earlier times (like last weekend at your mom’s house *self high-five*), we are getting too big for our digital britches. Hosting on the internet costs money dollars, so in...