Monthly Archive: December 2016



Getting the show from a feed? No, you’re not! It’s this one!


202: The Late Show 2: Show Later

The halls are deadly this week as we examine the amazing Deadly Class from Image Comics and endure the dubious Santa Claus: the Movie! Be sure to get all your gifts this year by updating your RSS feed to point to our new host! Happy Holidays! Your Christmas adventure begins...


201: The Late Show

It’s Christmas all over the world and nowhere more so than at JET headquarters as Kal brings you an episode replete with holiday cheer! O come all ye faithful to hear the good news as we find Trencher under the tree for Comic Book Club! Joyeux Noel! Get well soon,...


200: The Flipside of Margot Robbie

It’s our 200th episode extravaganza (hold the extravaganz) as we take a leisurely look back at the past year of Just Enough Trope, with some choice cuts from 2016! Plus, we talk news of Rogue One, Thor: Ragnarok, Mr. Robot, Mika froggily contemplates the charms of Ryan Gosling as we...


199.5: Surf Troopers

Get ready to rebel as we bring you our exclusive review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Plus, a look at the Marvel Star Wars comics of the ’70s! The Force is with us; now, be one with us! Hang TK-421!


199: Aff-sploitation!

We dip into the dark genre of Ben Affleck exploitation films this week when we review Reindeer Games for Craft Disservices! Unpretty. Plus, we’ve got some last minute Rogue One thoughts, a lot of Marvel and DC TV news, and we wrap our eight arms around the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer!...


198: The Dank DiMEMESion

It’s better late than thankless this week as we catch up on gratefulness for the current state of nerdery, including more diverse characters, more things to love, and more people to love them with. In the show’s first half, we talk with Lynne M. Thomas, Head of Special Collections for...


197: Crunkin’ Chewbacca

Leave it all on the dance floor with us on this show as we begin our Long March of Christmas Pain by watching 1996’s cinematic genital torture-fest, Jingle All the Way! Plus, the news is back with talk about Westworld, Rogue One, Star Trek: Discovery, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and Billy...

196: Luca Brasi in a Spaghetti String Top 0

196: Luca Brasi in a Spaghetti String Top

Get our message this week as we talk to sci-fi and fantasy author Elizabeth Bear about Thundarr the Barbarian, time travel, and heroic saloon girls! And in the show’s second hour, we pledge our service to Greg Rucka and Michael Lark as we review Lazarus from Image Comics! This show...