Monthly Archive: February 2017


207: Berry Gordy’s Just Enough Trope

Get the glow this week with us as guest Ryan Richards shares the 1985 Motown/Chopsocky classic, The Last Dragon! Plus, we talk nerd news, having Rod Serling as your spirit animal, the self-awareness of Metallica, and Jackie Chan’s one big shoe! Sho’nuff! Check out Cult of the Month on Patreon!...


206: Zom-B-Movies

We get infected by the T-virus this week as we delve into the oeuvre of Paul WS Anderson with our look at Resident Evil! Sci-fi author Scott Pearson joins us for a look at “bad” films, secret shames, nerd TV, the second coming of Shyamalan, the politics of 24, some...


205: Love Hurts

JET returns in triumphant fashion this week as guest host Andrew Blakeborough joins the show! We discuss Andy’s beginnings at the Kubert School, who Matt Damon should play in hetero life-bro Ben Affleck’s Batman film, make a pitch for Alexander Siddig as the 13th Doctor, and we salute Battlestar Galactica’s...