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Grab a plate and fill up on all the week’s news of the nerdy! We’re back and we brought a sizzlin’ smorgasbord of stories from TV, movies and…Ted Cruz? Also, a review of the documentary ‘Tig’ and the premiere of Rick and Morty! Pass the potatoes! AND! Here’s the link...

Judy’s Turn to FLY! 0

Judy’s Turn to FLY!

This week, we trumpet the unsung heroes of acting, those people that make you say “oh yeah, THAT guy” but have never got their due. Plus, a load of news and a big tease! We’re incorrigible! Seriously, give these people a chance

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Face it: some things suck. And you REALLY didn’t want them to! We face the (awful) music this week as we look at a few nerd things that just should have been better. And on an unrelated note: a review of Ant-Man! *groan*

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We run down the Emmy nominations AND try to figure what’s going on in this post-con world. Also, lady Ghostbusters, 90’s X-Men and Marcia Clark! 90’s! Brother, can you spare an OJ?

Go FUN Yourself, San Diego! 0

Go FUN Yourself, San Diego!

It’s every single atom of news and announcements from this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con! We talk X-Men, Deadpool, Star Wars, Batman v Superman, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA! Oh yeah, Bill Murray was there, too. Come eat nerd news with us until you need to push back...

The Con before the Storm 0

The Con before the Storm

San Diego Comic Con is looming on the horizon and this is our chance to get some stories in before the deluge of SDCC news starts. Selling point: NEWS THUNDERDOME. Also, we review the first trade of Image’s Dark Engine and we talk about what exactly is going on in...

CONvergence: Day 4 and Con Wrap-up 0

CONvergence: Day 4 and Con Wrap-up

The con is over and it was grand! It’s our wrap-up show for CONvergence and it’s a doozy. We talk panels, cricket, toast and we bring you the news from around the geek world. PLUS, interviews with Emma Bull, Barb Abney, Paul Cornell and Lee Harris! Go out in style...

CONvergence 2015: Day 3 0

CONvergence 2015: Day 3

It’s Day 3 and we’re still here. Join us as we run down all the best panels, the nerd catnip (nerdnip?) PLUS we talk to Joseph Scrimshaw AND Melissa F. Olson! What more do you want?!? ARE YOU NOT SOMETHING SOMETHING?

CONvergence 2015: Day 2 0

CONvergence 2015: Day 2

The CON rolls ON as we shift into day two of the long haul. We went to the Mad Max panel so…car puns.Also on the show, we talk Night Vale, Marvel films, urban fantasy and next-level cosplay AND we interview Bill Stiteler, creator of THAC0 and Carrie Patel, author of...

CONvergence 2015: Day 1 0

CONvergence 2015: Day 1

We’re back with coverage of the first day of CONvergence! Plus, we talk to Ben 10 and Fairly Odd Parents writer, Charlotte Fullerton! Jump back! #cvg2015 Great interview!