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220: Amazonian Gym Tan Laundry

All the world is waiting for you to hear our latest episode! Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman is here and we’ve got a spoiler-free review! Plus, we visit the ancient land of 1987 as we follow the adventures of George Perez’s Wonder Woman reboot for Comic Book Club! And we’ve got...


162: How to Get Away with Suicide

Saviors of the DC Movieverse or worst heroes ever? Suicide Squad is out in theaters and we’ve got a review of the latest joint from the minds of Warner Brothers and DC Comics! Plus, a look at Will Smith and Margot Robbie in apocalyptic situations, an examination of what makes...


155: White Guy’s Blog

Things get weird this week as we put Grant Morrison on trial for putting Wonder Woman on trial in Wonder Woman: Earth One for Comic Book Club! Plus, our definitive look back at this year’s CONvergence, our analysis of Kermit noises, a daring raid on the Disney vault, and our...