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CONvergence 2016: Day 3

Hey, look! This is kind of late, huh? You should see the other guy. It’s our recap of Day 3 of CONvergence and it’s a tale of bears, concept albums, late-night panels, and long journeys. Our journey’s almost over; don’t miss this leg! Or this arm…or the neck… http://ka1iban.podomatic.com/enclosure/2016-07-04T22_07_05-07_00.mp3Podcast: Play...


138: No It’s Bey, Key(s)

We’ve really done it this time as we deliver a Double Stuffed(tm) show that dares to ask: why is everyone so crazy about lemonade all of a sudden? Listen to find out if we ever get anywhere on that. Plus, we talk gay Star Wars characters in the news, Mika...


112: Head Cannon

JET News is back with all the stories from ’round the Nerdsphere. This week, we cover Star Wars news, new Netflix shows and Twitter character limits! Plus, a review of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude *and* a review of the Cannon Films documentary, Electric Boogaloo! Tonight we’re gonna rock this place! Shake...


111: Bowie’s in Space

We join the choir of Afronauts this week as we sing the praises of the dearly departed Thin White Duke. Plus, we’re totally raiding the cupboards in Potions class and getting hammered. It’s been a tough week; chill out with us to some of Bowie’s tunes, remember the good times...

106: The 2016 Jetties Award Show! 0

106: The 2016 Jetties Award Show!

2015 has finally taken the hint and is reaching for his coat, so let’s talk about him once he’s gone! Join us for our best of the year show featuring everything worth talking about in the past year. Plus, we talk 2015 music AND The Force Awakens with Music Guru...

3,629 Seconds on Mars 0

3,629 Seconds on Mars

JET is back to do what we do best! This week, it’s talk about Mars movies! We review The Martian, John Carter and Uncle John’s Ghosts of Mars! Plus, news on Neil Gaiman, Prometheus, Guillermo del Toro and more Uncle John! UNCLE JOHN Get your ass to this show!

Final Thoughts on Nerdcon: Stories 0

Final Thoughts on Nerdcon: Stories

It was a good start. There’s a way to go. I wanted more guests, more panels, more emphasis on the craft of storytelling and less lip service. Teach people to tell stories, don’t just play poorly organized games on the mainstage that end with a “storytelling, man…storytelling.” Let’s have more...

Nerdcon: Stories Day 1 0

Nerdcon: Stories Day 1

Join us as we recap day 1 of Nerdcon: Stories and talk nerd news, interviews and…Oprah’s views? Plus, we play Lightning Round with John Moe! Yes…*that* John Moe. No, not the Norwegian farmer…RIP

Nerdcon: Stories Day 0 0

Nerdcon: Stories Day 0

It was a dark and…uh, chilly night in Minneapolis on the eve of Nerdcon: Stories! Join us this weekend as we bring you highlights from this celebration of stories and storytelling. Bad, GRRM! Shoo! Honey! Check if any of the Starks are dead…

Not With A Bang Part 2 0

Not With A Bang Part 2

We’re back with a two-part extravaganza in which we look ahead to 2015’s (hopefully good) new releases in TV, film, music, games and books. I’ll tell ya…there’s a lot of rough but some diamonds yet to be found. Plus, news and a visit from music guru Tara! And Prince stops...