Monthly Archive: June 2016

Star Trek? Star Trek. 0

Star Trek? Star Trek.

Check out our Star Trek podcast, Enterprising Individuals, featuring great guests and great discussions at Make it so!

Game of Teleporters 0

Game of Teleporters

This is fairly pedantic, but…you know, nerds, so it checks out.

154: Reese’s Peanut Butter Bucket 0

154: Reese’s Peanut Butter Bucket

The party’s over but the hurt has just begun. We get hit with the one-two punch of our last Con Tips segment before CONvergence and the cinematic crapulence that is Equilibrium! The price? We pay it gladly! Well, not *gladly*… Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android...


153: Sugary Yuletide!

The boys are back and so are we as we talk Power Man and Iron Fist in this week’s Comic Book Club! Plus, we’ve got news about Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars, more con-related wisdom in our Con Tips segment, and an interview with Power Man and Iron Fist artist,...


152: Tangoin’ For Cash

It’s the show you didn’t know you needed this week as our Craft Disservices segment finally reaches that concentrated hit of ’80s nostalgia, Tango and Cash! Plus, we cover the news, say goodbye to Anton Yelchin, and bring you more ways to hack your con experience with Con Tips! We’re...

Devil Actually Pretty Nice Guy 0

Devil Actually Pretty Nice Guy

Funko will make a blank-faced figure out of ANYTHING but it looks like they’re run by some pretty generous people.Funko Sends Charlie Cox Over 100 “Daredevil” Pop! Figures to Bring to Schools and Hospitals – Matt Murdock himself wanted “a few” toys to give out to kids, but Funko took...


151: Cool Story, No

All flesh is grass this week as we try to stay ahead of Image Comics’ Spread! Plus, we have an interview with Spread artist Kyle Strahm! Also, TV news, Spider-Man talk, and in another Con Tips(tm) segment, we’ll tell you how to buy the best swag from Comic Con without...


150: Ye Olde Time Rock and Roll

Grab your shield, take off your pants, and start singing your unicorn song as we live through Legend! Plus, we’ve got news on Dr. Strange, the new XBox, and…LinkedIn? Who knew asking people if they knew people they already know could net you $26 billion? And we’ve got cosplay tips!...


149: The Secret World of Misogyny

So your favorite animation studio won’t let women direct their films? Don’t be sad; we’ve got enough nerd talk to keep you busy until you feel you can watch Totoro again. We talk magic mushrooms, Paolo Bacigalupi, we review 30 Days of Night in Comic Book Club, *and* we’ve got...


148: Stupid Like a Fox

X-Men: Apocalypse may have been stingy on thrills, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving to podcasters as we triple-back to the film, this time looking at Fox’s tone-deaf marketing plan. Plus, we talk about a new Captain Marvel(?), release ECCC interviews with Kevin Wada, Ed Brisson, and Jim...