Monthly Archive: September 2016


178: Have Cake, Will Eat

Get it all this week as we deliver a show that is full to the brim with nerd goodness. We talk Monster Trucks, Suicide Squad, The Lion King, posit a world where Celine Dion is in her 6th season of Deja Vu on NBC, Kal audio describes Return of the...


177: Willow-no

Answer the call this week as we take on nerd news, review USA’s Falling Water, and we fight back a brownie invasion of the non-delicious variety and wonder why the heck no one remembers George Lucas’s Willow! It’s…not actually that mysterious…it’s bad. REAL bad Play in new window |...


176: Hungry for Justice

Does Batman ever eat? We’re not sure, but we do our best to get to the Dark Knight Detective’s heart through his stomach as we bring you another heaping helping of nerd repast! On this show, we talk Netflix (and Stranger Things, ‘natch), Jumanji, DC’s Love is Love anthology, sneak...

Seeley Reveals Why He Quit Marvel’s Blade 0

Seeley Reveals Why He Quit Marvel’s Blade

So THAT’S what happened to the new Blade. His philosophy is sound but I regret we’ll never get to see his take — Originally slated to debut in late 2015, Tim Seeley explains what happened to the generational vampire hunter comic. Source: Seeley Reveals Why He Quit Marvel’s Blade

175: Imagine Autoerotic Dragons 0

175: Imagine Autoerotic Dragons

We start off another fabulous show by breaking the first rule of podcasting: don’t send people to other people’s podcasts. But, then we move on to a moving look at the cinema of the ’00’s, some of Kal’s Life Tips, a recap of Emmy winners, a couple of pitches, the...


174: Your Breasts My Destination

Comics are back in the building this week as we review The New Teen Titans #1-5 for Comic Book Club! Plus, a bevy of nerdy news stories, from the death of Gawker to the big Star Wars TV sale to the good work being done on Star Trek: Discovery by...


173: Very Kind Of

Be shaken and possibly stirred this week as we cover 1967’s Casino Royale for our Craft Disservices segment! This movie must be seen to be believed…or vehemently rejected, as the case may be. YMMV. Also, Kal covers some news in Mika’s absence and gives his thoughts on Stranger Things! 80s-y!...

50 Years on the Final Frontier: Seeing Star Trek through the Eyes of Minnesota Geeks 0

50 Years on the Final Frontier: Seeing Star Trek through the Eyes of Minnesota Geeks

As we mentioned on our last episode, here’s the article i wrote about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and what it means to some geeks on the ground — It’s been 50 years to the day since Star Trek’s September 8, 1966, premiere on NBC. A different but equally...


172: Man of Fraction

Just Enough Trope returns to peak form on this show as we bring you the lowdown on all the hottest TV shows and movies the fall has to offer! Plus, we’ve got news of exploding phones, Batman villains, a review of the new FX show Atlanta, *and* we take aim...


171: Virgin Torpedoes

Scoff at the colons of lesser titles as we proceed to Star Trek Into Darkness! And once you’re done with all that colon-scoffing, stick around for some geek news and a big announcement about what we’ve got in shows to come! Shall we begin? Ask your doctor about colon-scoffing