Monthly Archive: March 2017


210: Six Astronauts in Search of a Mirror

Explore a new dimension with us this week as we test a new format and we cross the 8th Dimension with Buckaroo Banzai! Plus, a review of the new thriller Life, a look at the new Justice League trailer, news from the nerd world, and we check in with former...


209: Thanks For All The Butts

We’ve kept a seat warm for you this week as Mikanhana returns to Just Enough Trope! And we spoil no child, either, as we take the rod to Iron Fist! It’s a cartoon fight-cloud of cultural appropriation, bad fight choreography, an exploration of the uncanny valley of human actors, and...


208: Blake’s Borough

We kick all the pricks this week as guest host Andrew Blakeborough returns for a trip to Claw City and a review of Logan! Plus, a look at the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, and a review of the new PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn! Robot dinosaurs, guys…’nuff said. Plus, we’ve...