209: Thanks For All The Butts

We’ve kept a seat warm for you this week as Mikanhana returns to Just Enough Trope! And we spoil no child, either, as we take the rod to Iron Fist! It’s a cartoon fight-cloud of cultural appropriation, bad fight choreography, an exploration of the uncanny valley of human actors, and the punchable face of our viciously entitled, billionaire hero, Danny Rand! It’s enough to make Mika go full Wayne’s World 2!

Plus, we’ve got news of sad Batman, Beauty and the Beast, the Matrix reboot, Ed Sheeran, and an older story Ed Sheeran was in that he stole! AND, another(?) look at Legion and The Expanse, and we draw our Sex Shooters to talk about Purple Rain! *Now* what time is it?

Listen to “209: Thanks For All The Butts” on Spreaker.

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