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145: The Checklist

Tick all the boxes this week with us as we get a few things done around the show; we’ve got news, Game of Thrones talk, a review of AMC’s Preacher, a review of Beyonce’s FOUNDATION Tour, and some ill-considered social commentary concerning race and Kimmy Schmidt! BEYONCE! Guys…BEYONCE! http://ka1iban.podomatic.com/enclosure/2016-05-24T21_42_17-07_00.mp3Podcast: Play...

Cis Boom Blah: Going for the Joke in Deadpool 0

Cis Boom Blah: Going for the Joke in Deadpool

Check out this piece I wrote for Twin Cities Geek. It’s got Deadpool in it (no, he doesn’t talk directly to you).http://twincitiesgeek.com/2016/02/cis-boom-blah-going-for-the-joke-in-deadpool/


113: Iffy Cakes

We’re back and…mostly confident as we talk about Warren Ellis’s TREES! Plus, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, X-Men: Apocalypse and all kinds of nerd chatter! Speak your mind, Red 2! Stay in there, Wedge! You’re doing great! http://ka1iban.podomatic.com/enclosure/2016-01-21T23_20_45-08_00.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


111: Bowie’s in Space

We join the choir of Afronauts this week as we sing the praises of the dearly departed Thin White Duke. Plus, we’re totally raiding the cupboards in Potions class and getting hammered. It’s been a tough week; chill out with us to some of Bowie’s tunes, remember the good times...

106: The 2016 Jetties Award Show! 0

106: The 2016 Jetties Award Show!

2015 has finally taken the hint and is reaching for his coat, so let’s talk about him once he’s gone! Join us for our best of the year show featuring everything worth talking about in the past year. Plus, we talk 2015 music AND The Force Awakens with Music Guru...

105: Do We Know It’s Christmas? 0

105: Do We Know It’s Christmas?

Christmas Time is here and we’re bringing you all the cuts from nerd entertainment that forgot to get a gift for their Secret Santa! Naughty list! Plus, we smooth groove the news and we talk The Death of Captain Marvel, the greatest Christmas hero of all! Mentor sees you when...

Rey of Light 0

Rey of Light

Max Landis is an arrogant, spoiled loudmouth who has never made a good movie. He is also not wrong about The Force Awakens. Fashion? We don’t know… Actually, ‘never’ might be unfair; his short ‘The Death and Return of Superman’ was pretty good but it only serves to highlight why...

104: A Hux by Any Other Name 0

104: A Hux by Any Other Name

It’s finally here! We’ve seen The Force Awakens and we’re back to do some *MAJOR SPOILER TALK*! Plus, Star Wars news and get out your photo albums ’cause we’re checking out Celebrity Baby Pictures! *And* Kal calls Hux ‘Nux’ like 50 TIMES! Join us and rule the galaxy at our...

103: Schrodinger’s Fett 0

103: Schrodinger’s Fett

We’re back to cover Return of the Jedi and wow…it’s a doozy. We talk Boba’s fate, Luke’s methods, the treachery of Simon Pegg and basically come apart at the seams in anticipation of The Force Awakens! Huddle with us in the cold just a bit longer as we wait for...

102: This Week on Empire 0

102: This Week on Empire

We’ve got time for everything this go-round as we try to get you excited about The Empire Strikes Back! Join us for a look back at the 5th worst Yoda film. Plus, news and we hitch up to the X-Men and Independence Day trailers! Mudhole? Slimy? Our show this is!...