Monthly Archive: November 2015

The Phantom Menaces Us 0

The Phantom Menaces Us

Get bomBAD with us this week as we start our Star Wars Sexology rewatch with Episode I: The Phantom Menace! Plus, news and we check out the hottest new movie trailers! Oh no! The hyperdrive is leaking! Get a bucket!

From Heck 0

From Heck

Well, it’s a long one but, I think, worth it. Join us as we deep dive into Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell and Kal breathlessly spills out years of preoccupation with this amazing graphic novel. Plus, news and oh yeah…CIVIL WAR! What’s so civil about war anyway?

AKA Just Enough Trope 0

AKA Just Enough Trope

This week, Kal and Mika investigate Netflix’s Jessica Jones! Listen to find out if Marvel has nailed it again (hint: what do you think?). Plus, news and a whole mess of info about what we’ll be up to for the year’s end! Sweet Christmas! Click here and get the show!

Prometheus: Epimetheus 0

Prometheus: Epimetheus

On this show, Kal looks back on the news of the week and looks forward to Ridley Scott maybe landing one this time. Don’t forget to check out Worldbuilders’ charity page which is still going; tell ’em Just Enough Trope sent you! We have the POWER!

The Name of the Show 0

The Name of the Show

We get a little closer to Nerd Heaven this week as we share our Pop Culture Confessions! Note: pee and hating certain Pixar films may be involved. Plus, we do news, talk Master of None and w/Bob and David and we interview Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicle! Holy...

Why We Cry 0

Why We Cry

Get MILE HIGH with us this week as we talk MST3K, Robin Williams and the feckless steaming pile that is Terminator: Genisys! Plus, Kal’s Komic Korner returns with our dive into Waid and Ross’s Kingdom Come! I need your clothes, your boots and for you to hear this show! Click...

An Interview with Nalo Hopkinson 0

An Interview with Nalo Hopkinson

Below is one of the interviews we conducted with the fabulous featured guests at Nerdcon: Stories 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. Originally, there was audio for all of our interviews but our engineer (Kal) is a schmuck and some of them didn’t turn out very good. So, transcribed here, is the...

Critikality: Fallout 4 Later 0

Critikality: Fallout 4 Later

Abjure the Wasteland with Kal on this show as he tells you why it’ll be a while before you see him in a Vault jumpsuit. Instead, he gives a few video game suggestions the non-Apocalypse-minded! Bethesda…Bethesda never changes… Radroach Attack!

Television is Furniture 0

Television is Furniture

Tune in, turn on and drop dead with us as we review Ash vs Evil Dead, One Mississippi and Master of None! Plus, we talk the Muppets, Spectre, Snoopy and Agent Carter! Good…bad…we’re the ones with the show! Give us some sugar, baby

Castle on a Cloud (of Blood) 0

Castle on a Cloud (of Blood)

JET goes back to the issues as we talk Hollywood sexism! Not cool, Jurassic World guy…not cool. Plus news, Star Trek, Princess Leia and Mr. Belvedere! You bring the parkour, I’ll bring the grenade launcher! Welcome back, Frank Show notes   The original LA Times piece with Trevorrow Variety...