Monthly Archive: January 2016


115: The Rupert Murdoch Astronaut Barbie Theorem

You just walked down the wrong podcast alley, son! We’re back with critical chains and socially aware brass knuckles as we take it to lame angel show Lucifer! Plus, a review of Lego Marvel’s Avengers *and* Comic Book Club returns with our read of Marvel’s Star Wars! Marvel! *Traveling through...


114: FBI Agent Carter

JET is back with a news update where we talk Night Vale, Blade Runner, Labyrinth, and Doctor Who. Plus, reviews of the return of The X-Files *and* Agent Carter! AND we check out local comic shop Comic Book College in our new segment, Graphic Novelties! What more do you want?!?...


113: Iffy Cakes

We’re back and…mostly confident as we talk about Warren Ellis’s TREES! Plus, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, X-Men: Apocalypse and all kinds of nerd chatter! Speak your mind, Red 2! Stay in there, Wedge! You’re doing great! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast 0

The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast

Hey! I wrote a review of the Worst Idea of All Time podcast. It lives up to its name…those poor, poor men. Hilarious and bone-chilling.  Check out the article here and look up Guy and Tim’s podcast on iTunes. Live every moment!


112: Head Cannon

JET News is back with all the stories from ’round the Nerdsphere. This week, we cover Star Wars news, new Netflix shows and Twitter character limits! Plus, a review of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude *and* a review of the Cannon Films documentary, Electric Boogaloo! Tonight we’re gonna rock this place! Shake...


111: Bowie’s in Space

We join the choir of Afronauts this week as we sing the praises of the dearly departed Thin White Duke. Plus, we’re totally raiding the cupboards in Potions class and getting hammered. It’s been a tough week; chill out with us to some of Bowie’s tunes, remember the good times...

110: Down to Abbey 0

110: Down to Abbey

It’s another JET News Update as we bring you all the poop from the world of nerd news. Poop is an archaic slang term for news. No? Let’s go with scuttlebug then. This week, we talk Angouleme, missing Rey merchandise, geek TV developments, Black Angel and Mika gives us a...

109: Garbage Day! 0

109: Garbage Day!

Damn, it feels good to be a gangster and it feels REALLY good to take it to a crappy movie! Join us as we do an old-fashioned hatchet job on cinematic stinker Sleeping With Other People! Plus, a little Town Talk and we cover Vertigo Comics’ 100% for Comic Book...

108: The JET News Update 0

108: The JET News Update

It’s our new feature: geek news and weather straight from JET Studios! Tune in to get all the dirt on what’s happening in your favorite neck of the nerd woods! On today’s show: we talk broke developers, Star Trek: Axanar, George Lucas sticking his foot in his neck and George...

107: The 2016ening! 0

107: The 2016ening!

Minions! Gaze thee on the resplendence that is our 2016 preview show! The shape of things to come? I think so! (quick, someone, trademark that) Join us for a look ahead for what the wise geek can expect in movies, TV and videogames in 2016! I say thee YAY!