198: The Dank DiMEMESion

It’s better late than thankless this week as we catch up on gratefulness for the current state of nerdery, including more diverse characters, more things to love, and more people to love them with.

In the show’s first half, we talk with Lynne M. Thomas, Head of Special Collections for NIU and co-editor of Chicks dig Time Lords!

Plus, we take on H.A.T.E. itself as we join Nextwave for Comic Book Club! It’s a rollicking discussion about homage vs. theft, Bob Dylan being a habitual thing-doer, Forbush Man, Kal pitching Fandom of the Opera, and Mika discovering Comicunity! All that and Warren Ellis with a thesaurus and a box of crayons!

Follow Lynne on Twitter at @lynnemthomas, visit her site at lynnemthomas.com, and check out Uncanny at uncannymagazine.com!


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