Extra! Extra! Extra shows going into storage


Well, it’s happened but it’s a good thing. Just as obesity was seen as a side-effect of wealth and success in earlier times (like last weekend at your mom’s house *self high-five*), we are getting too big for our digital britches. Hosting on the internet costs money dollars, so in order to keep the budget balanced we’re moving some of the older shows into storage. This means they will start to drop off your feed if you’re subscribed in iTunes or RSS. We’ll probably start will archiving all the shows from 2014.

Never fear, however, as they will still be available through a shared folder online, which I will post a permanent link to on our site. That way, you’ll always be able to browse our archive of shows and see how wrong we were about whatever we were on about lo so many months ago.

Here’s the link for posterity:


Keep the geek fires burning!

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