Canaries and Companions and Batman, oh my!

Well, as if Arrow’s Katie Cassidy, Firefly and Gotham’s Morena Baccarin, Hercules’s Kevin Sorbo,
Luke Perry & Kristy Swanson from Buffy and the Eighth Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy weren’t enough, it’s been announced that Mr. Vengeance/The Night/he’s been the voice of Batman since before you knew what a Batman was Kevin freakin’ Conroy is going to be at Minneapolis Wizard World this May. Also appearing are awesome artists like Neal Adams, Salvador Larroca, Angel Medina and Tom Richmond.

This is a big deal. I…I might need to be restrained in a Silence of the Lambs straightjacket-on-a-dolly type thing, I’ll be so excited.
Is that Hannibal Lector over there?

Tickets are available still for both the show itself AND for photo ops with the stars. Check out:

See you there!

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