Jet 299.5: The Christofascist and the Furious

We remember, remember this week as we take on V for Vendetta for Comic Book Club! Plus, we’ve got a review of the new Netflix anthology series Love, Death, and Robots, and we’ve got thoughts on the new Avengers: Endgame trailer and a look at the nerd news of the week.

Finally, Jeremy Stomberg a.k.a. John Maddening, the voice of the MN Roller Girls and F1rst Wrestling, joins the show to talk about his nerd roots, his 13 years with the Roller Girls, why we could use another Whip It, merging wrestling and music and burlesque, getting smacked in the face for fun, and what makes CONvergence such a great convention!

Someone photoshop Uncle Scrooge doing the Steve Jobs pose!

News 12:59
Avengers: Endgame 28:23
Love, Death and Robots 35:45
LDR spoilers at 39:45
V for Vendetta (spoilers) 46:18
John Maddening interview 1:25:32

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