263: The Sleeper Awakes

Stay away from the owkwa this week as we mine the season finales of The Expanse and WestWORLD! Plus, we bring you the news of the nerd, like Fandom powered by Wikia (TM) and Leto the Living Vampire! And finally, we examine the tropes of metanarrative and roleplay with the prescient Cronenberg classic, eXistenZ!

Seriously tho, guys. Death to the demoness Allegra Geller, amirite?

News 17:18
The Expanse Season 3 finale discussion (spoilers) 33:10
Westworld Season 2 finale discussion (spoilers) 58:07
eXistenZ discussion 01:13:00
eXistenZ discussion (spoilers) 01:29:30

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