253: The Merry Marvel Watchin’ Society Phase 1

Even Rex Manning is running scared this week as we prepare for the coming of the Mad Titan by reviewing every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date! This week, we begin with a series of beginnings, talking through the six films of Marvel’s Phase 1! Along the way, we look at the introductions of the characters who would become the Avengers as they debut in their own film series, looking at the hiccups of the early movies as well as the amazing amount of things they got right. Plus, we talk about how Iron Man is the Transformers of the MCU, falling glass, weird cameos, Mika puts her poetry chops to the test with Avengers Haiku, and we’ve got a running Blue Laser Count!

These will be long shows but look at it this way: you *could* listen to some yokel talk about Phase 1 for six 90-minute episodes, or you could hear us do it all in just 2! Efficiency!

Slow motion planches for everyone!

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