194: Grease is the Word

Now that you’re stuffed with turkey, feed your head with this butterball of an XL show! In the first hour, we talk to Dead Spots author and kayaking enthusiast, Melissa F. Olson, about Lorenzo Lamas, homoeroticism in 80’s action flicks, and the legend of the Brown Note! And in our second hour, we dive deep into the classic cyberpunk manga, Ghost in the Shell! Plus, we talk Top Secret!, Mika’s theory of Ghostception, and Kal tries to start an ASMR business! We’re busier than a one-armed man at a butt-greasing contest! (just…just listen to the show…it’ll make sense)



This is *not* Mel Tormé! It’s the show download link!

Check out all of Melissa’s work, including her upcoming novel, Midnight Curse, at her Amazon author page!

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