Sexism in SFF Publishing

Here it is (finally). A punishing jeremiad of the SFWA debacle of 2013 and a rumination of the current state of sexism in science fiction and fantasy publishing. I’m not gonna lie to you: this is a beast but you will emerge from this with knowledge and power. And we do some news and we review It Follows!

Look at this tangle of thorns.

itunes pic

And there’s a skit or something

Supplemental material:

Our survey results are published on the next chronological blog post

SL Huang’s GREAT timeline re: the SFWA situation

An artist’s breakdown of the Bulletin #200 cover

The Daily Dot article that Fodera called “libel”

The Tumblr containing quotes from the listserv

Cavendish and Shelley

VIDA compiles yearly stats on the gender parity in literary criticism and coverage outlets

Crisp’s comments on the lack of female author submissions

Renay from LadyBusiness on Tumblr’s response

Author Rachel Bach 
Natalie Luhrs of

Liz Bourke
Sad Puppies

Aaaand a whole mess o’ links

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