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111: Bowie’s in Space

We join the choir of Afronauts this week as we sing the praises of the dearly departed Thin White Duke. Plus, we’re totally raiding the cupboards in Potions class and getting hammered. It’s been a tough week; chill out with us to some of Bowie’s tunes, remember the good times...

An Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi 0

An Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi

Below is one of the interviews we conducted with the fabulous featured guests at Nerdcon: Stories 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. Originally, there was audio for all of our interviews but our engineer (Kal) is a schmuck and some of them didn’t turn out very good. So, transcribed here, is the...

The Name of the Show 0

The Name of the Show

We get a little closer to Nerd Heaven this week as we share our Pop Culture Confessions! Note: pee and hating certain Pixar films may be involved. Plus, we do news, talk Master of None and w/Bob and David and we interview Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicle! Holy...

Final Thoughts on Nerdcon: Stories 0

Final Thoughts on Nerdcon: Stories

It was a good start. There’s a way to go. I wanted more guests, more panels, more emphasis on the craft of storytelling and less lip service. Teach people to tell stories, don’t just play poorly organized games on the mainstage that end with a “storytelling, man…storytelling.” Let’s have more...

Nerdcon: Stories Wrap-Up – RF Kennedy 0

Nerdcon: Stories Wrap-Up – RF Kennedy

Join us for our wrap-up show for Nerdcon: Stories where we explain the dangers of radiation…radio waves, specifically. Plus, news and we talk to the inimitable Desiree Burch! Good enough! Seriously, we’re looking for a sound person…

Nerdcon: Stories Day 1 0

Nerdcon: Stories Day 1

Join us as we recap day 1 of Nerdcon: Stories and talk nerd news, interviews and…Oprah’s views? Plus, we play Lightning Round with John Moe! Yes…*that* John Moe. No, not the Norwegian farmer…RIP