Craft Disservices!

Craft Disservices is all grows up now and has its own show at! Below are the films we covered when it was a segment on Just Enough Trope.

There are films that everyone remembers…and critics wish they could forget. With our Craft Disservices segment, we remember the films of days gone by that people still talk about despite them being labeled “bad”. The only rule: the film in question must have a Rotten Tomatoes score lower than 50%, and it must be a movie that you or at least someone you know owns and would die defending the virtues of. That’s a compound rule so it still counts as one. Science!

Up next: Aeon Flux!

CONVergence 2017 Day 4 show: Multiplicity

Show 223: Battle Beyond the Stars

Show 221: The Scorpion King

Show 219: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Show 217: Kingdom of Heaven

Show 215: Summer Slap Fight! Fast Times at Ridgemont High vs Gremlims vs Cobra

Show 213: A Life Less Ordinary

Show 211: Hook

Show 210: Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Show 209: Purple Rain

Show 207: The Last Dragon

Show 206: Resident Evil

Show 204: The January Man

Show 203: End of Days

Show 202: Santa Claus: the Movie

Show 200: The Ice Harvest

Show 199: Reindeer Games

Show 197: Jingle All the Way

Show 195: Knight of Cups

Show 193: Where the Buffalo Roam

Show 191: Delirious

Show 189: Dungeons and Dragons

Show 187: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Show 185: Teen Wolf

Show 183: Event Horizon!

Show 181: Constantine

Show 179: Road House

Show 177: Willow

Show 175: Reign of Fire

Show 173:  Casino Royale (1967)

Show 158: Empire Records

Show 156: The Last Boy Scout

Show 154: Equilibrium

Show 152: Tango and Cash

Show 150: Legend

Show 148: Zardoz