Just Enough Trope 1: Doin’ a Die Hard

Welcome to the all-new Just Enough Trope, the podcast where we explore the reasons that your favorite media is the way it is. From movies to TV shows to literature to video games, stories are often built around repeated elements and we’re here to talk about them all!

On our inaugural episode, we’re tackling one of the most recognizable tropes in recent cinematic history. Picture a man, ounumbered by foes, low on ammo, trapped in one location with his loved ones’ lives in the balance, and maybe he needs a pair of shoes? Die Hard exploded onto the movie scene in the late 1980’s and has been influencing the shape of the action film ever since. We’re here to talk about all 5 Die Hard films, review the (possible?) first “Die Hard”, and look at the ways in which Die Hard continues to remind us that good action movies are about stakes and vulnerability.

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