304: Young Monk Junk

Rinse out the Box and don your ice bags ’cause nothing is true and everything is permitted this week as we once again bring you all the news that’s fit to cast in the world of nerdy entertainment! We’ve got stories about Avatar, Swamp Thing, Mouse Guard, and the war between Netflix and Hulu, and we say a fond sayonara to Kazuo Koike! Plus, a little talk about Sailor Drops, a lot about Assassins Creed, and we do a vivisection on James Cameron . . . ‘s career!

Then, stop your funk fakin’ because it’s time to throw down for the return of the Gift of the Badgi! Kal falsely thinks he can nap his way out of the 2018 head-scratcher High Life, and Mika will get what she deserves for making us watch another 2 episodes of the new Twilight Zone! Add a rousing round of Bingos Lanthimos and you’ve got a recipe for regret! Next week will be better . . . we promise!

Elliot Gould is bobo James Brolin!

News 21:18
All the rest 55:58

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