271: The Gift of the Bad-gi

Tune in, turn on, and pod out with us this week as we trip through a collection of psychedelic films! Sort of . . . that was the plan, but the whole enterprise ends up being something of a “The Story of the Story” kind of thing. You’ll see.

We’re looking at Night is Young, Walk On Girl, Mindgame, and Devilman Crybaby, by Yuasa Masaaki, and Enter the Void by Gaspar Noe, plus a whole extra host of films and shows with non-linear storytelling and trippy visuals!

Plus, we’ve got news of Brendan Fraser, GotG Vol. 3, Crazy Rich Asians, James Bond, Doctor Who, and the refreshing taste of Peppermint!

You ready, B? Let’s go get ’em!

News 14:24
Night is Young, Walk on Girl review (spoilers) 35:21
Mindgame review (spoilers) 53:05
Enter the Void review (spoilers) 01:12:07
Devilman Crybaby review (no spoilers) 01:35:16

Curious about the works we shared during the show? Check ’em out!
Night is Young, Walk on Girl
Enter the Void

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