268: Rage Against the Kathleen

Get out your plastic lightsaber and don’t forget your crippling sense of entitlement, because this week we’re examining the aftermath of the cultural victory of Nerdom and the legacy of impotent rage and allegedly molested childhoods it’s left us with. We do our best not to poo where we chew as we hear the feeble cries of the army of bloggers, personalities, and “fans” whose voices constitute “The People vs. George Lucas”. Genius or fraud, God or Devil, man or flannel mannequin . . . we’re here to #burypraise that unsuspecting kid from Modesto and hopefully provide a much-needed “Get a Life!” moment for disgruntled Star Wars fans.

And if that all sounds too intense, how about some Patrick Stewart appreciation, our Batman movie pitches, or some tips on planning a time-traveler party?

This show is more fun and less expensive than a barrel of CGI monkeys!

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