CONvergence 2018 Daily Shows!

Still recovering from a splendiferous CVG 2018? Us too.

While you convalesce, take a listen to the end-of-day episodes we did throughout the weekend. On each mini-show, we talk about what we saw and did at the con. Fun fact: you can actually hear us getting more tired by the day!

All those shows, plus our weekend wrap-up episode with Dr. James Kakalios, plus our regular episodes and coverage of CVGs past are available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or right here at

Keep the geek fires burning!

CVG 2018 Day 1 postmortem
CVG 2018 Day 2 postmortem
CVG 2018 Day 3 postmortem
CVG 2018 Day 4 postmortem

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