243: Elevenses of Justice

Don’t tell the Fine Bros ’cause this week we’re REACTING to a mountain of news and trailers, including The Incredibles 2, Rampage, Deadpool 2, and A Wrinkle in Time! Plus, we sound off on the EA loot box controversy, report a story about a shakeup at Marvel, and we pitch a movie where James Franco must save James Franco from James Franco! (yo dawg…)

Then, we bring the big reacts to the debut of The Punisher on Netflix, and we’ve got a review of Justice League! And to wrap it all up, we join up with Justice League International for Comic Book Club! React!

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News 07:58
Trailer reactions 26:28
Justice League review (no spoilers) 49:50
Justice League review (spoilers) 56:59
Justice League International review 01:25:54

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