241: A Barry Sanders Situation

It’s time to rok out with your ragna out as we provide our review of Thor: Ragnarok, a movie so full Led Zeppin’, face steppin’, laser blastin’, and Executioner laughin’ machismo, it made Mika grow a full beard!

Also, we bring news of the nerd, from Hollywood’s crappy year, to a new Twilight Zone, to a Lord of the Rings TV franchise! And, Matthew Kessen stops by to give us the low down on the REAL (mythical) Ragnarok and the beasts that tear the world asunder! Cocktails after!

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News 13:42
Thor: Ragnarok (no spoilers) 32:10
Thor: Ragnarok (spoilers) 45:15
Matthew Kessen Interview 01:07:13
Planet Hulk Review 01:35:35

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