237: Sexbot Boobie Business

See the whole iceberg this week, as we wrap up 8 Days of (Cyber)Punk with a look at the Dirty Pair for Comic Book Club! Plus, we’ve got a review of Blade Runner 2049 and an interview with Lyda Morehouse at the same time! An “interreview”, if you will.

We talk with the LINK Angel series creator about her history with cyberpunk, walking out of the original Blade Runner, the key elements of a cyberpunk world, South Park storytelling, hologram waifus, Gosling as the new Keanu, and being in love with your own aesthetic.

And, we forgot Jimmy Pesto’s name! Listen…listen to our shame!

Nerd News 08:33
Lyda Morehouse interview and Blade Runner 2049 review (slightly spoilery) 27:09
Big spoilers for Blade Runner 2049 start at 01:04:00
Dirty Pair review 01:27:45

Dive into Lyda’s LINK Angel series with her first book, Archangel Protocol!

Catch up with the Dirty Pa…I mean, Lovely Angels!

Here’s a few links to books mentioned in the interview:
When Gravity Fails


Melissa Scott’s Dreamships

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Annnnnd, why not see where it all started with a Blu-Ray of the original Blade Runner!

Hear live coverage of the new Star Trek: Discovery at Enterprising Individuals!

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