227: Atomic Bond

We complete our Theron Back Again journey this week with a review of Atomic Blonde! If this movie is really set in 1989, there should be a *lot* more Richard Marx. Plus, we bring you news from the world of nerdy entertainment, including stories about Superman’s mustache, Hathaway’s Laughaway, and a hip JRR Tolkien biopic featuring Orcyboy and the Ox-iders!

Then, it’s on to more CONvergence 2017 interviews…this time, we speak with JPL Engineer Bridget Landry, designer and artist Eric Chu, and author/comedian/pundit Patrick Tomlinson! Hold up! We’ve also got a review of the French comic Valerian and Laureline: The City of Shifting Waters, AND we posit a multiversal league of Cruella de Vils! Cruellas de Vil?

This show is more fun than a flock of seagulls!

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10:38 Goosing the News
26:55 Bridget Landry interview
44:27 Atomic Blonde review
01:15:33 Eric Chu interview
01:30:10 Valerian and Laureline: The City of Shifting Waters review
01:45:51 Patrick Tomlinson interview

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