Women in SF/Fantasy Publishing survey

Hello and thanks for your time. We are Just Enough Trope, a Twin Cities-based blog and podcast that focuses on news and issues in the world of genre (read: NERDY) entertainment. We produce a biweekly show that provides news and reviews and we additionally present news magazine-style stories and discussions about the issues extant in the world of geeky entertainment. For example, in the past we have done shows about online harassment, #gamergate, Women in Refrigerators, the myth of the Fake Geek Girl and more. But we also like to talk about things that *don’t* make you want to claw your eyes out, such as smart drugs, speculative fiction that’s past its sell-by date and the post-apocalyptic muscle car movie genre. There are actually less of those films than you’d think…
Recently, while researching in preparation for interviews with several female authors and a senior editor at Tor.com, I was struck by the amount of commentary online concerning the lack of representation of female authors in SF and Fantasy publishing. It wasn’t something that’d I’d ever personally considered, but there’s undeniably strong feelings on both sides of the divide and we knew that we needed to do a show focusing on the issue specifically.
To that end, we have been contacting authors and editors in genre fiction and asking them to complete a brief survey concerning the proposed lack of diversity in SF and Fantasy publishing. We don’t want to be presumptuous; we know you’re busy but if you do get a chance to participate, you have our thanks in advance. The survey is completely anonymous but if you do want to give your personal opinion or position as a member of the SF/Fantasy community, we’d love to include your comments in our show or on our blog. Like I said, it can be as anonymous (or as open) as you desire.
Again, thanks for your help and for the work you do in SF and Fantasy. Based on the response, we hope to have the show finished in the next week or so and once complete, it’ll be available on iTunes @ Just Enough Trope and on our website at justenoughtrope.blogspot.com. Also, if there’s any colleagues you can think of who’d like to take the survey or have their opinions on the issue heard, feel free to forward them the survey link. Did we say thanks a bunch of times already? Thanks AGAIN!
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