Post Madison WizardWorld Con Wrap-Up

So, we did it. It happened. It was fun.

Just as a quick side-note, I love that town Madison. I think they need a few more comic shops, but it’s clean, friendly and there are more than a few places to get something awesome to eat. Let me recommend the Essen Haus: if you’re not German, you will be before you leave.

But, yeah; the con. Wizard seems to have this down pat by now; the site has a very similar layout to one I attended in Minneapolis last year. It was a bit cramped, though, a problem the Minneapolis show didn’t share. That could either have been a factor of a slightly smaller space or possibly more vendors (I remember the Minneapolis show being a little light on merch booths).

The assemblage of guests and famous peoples was really impressive for a regional con; Shatner and Campbell were two highlights and Billy Dee Williams? You truly belong with us here in the snow. Doubtless this had something to do with enticing people to come out, but hopefully next year it won’t just be Tommy the Green Ranger and the can of beans from Wet Hot.

And did the people ever come out. The place was packed. To my semi-trained eye, it seemed the bulk of the crowd was families and particularly ones who were probably at a con for the first time. So, Wizard made a good move putting a show in-between the Twin Cities and Chicago; it just shows that people are hungry for this and will come to hang out in their area. Cons are for everyone now and not just for your weird uncle who can afford airfare to San Diego.

Final thoughts would be that I’d like to see more and longer panels next year (30 min is too short a time to be lectured about responsibility by Admiral Adama), I’d congratulate Wizard on the organization of the show (sure, some people grumbled about the lines but I’ve seen WAY worse at other shows), maybe more artists and a bigger artists alley next year (that’s usually where i drop all my money) and I’d like personally like to push the Zombie Zone into a volcano.

See you next year!

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