More Spider-Man/Sony/Marvel news

A little more news this Wednesday morn on the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal. It appears to be a solely creative arrangement, where Spidey is available to appear in Marvel films, but Marvel will receive no profit from a Sony Spider-Man movie. Some speculate that this could be the first steps in an attempt to fully repatriate Spidey or possibly the first move in a gambit (no no, pay attention) by Disney to *gasp* buy Sony. Why buy the web when you can get the fluid for free?

Speaking of Webb (were we?), he’s out. Avi Arad will get paid but is essentially out. Garfield’s obviously out and instead of the Spider-Man movies being really expensive dates for him and Emma Stone, Marvel is reportedly seeking a “much younger” actor for Spider-Man than the 31 year old Garfield. Are we looking at a Miles Morales situation here? Keep your everythings crossed. How old is Donald Glover again?
And finally, improbably, Sony insists that Sinister Six, the Venom movie AND the “female centric Spider-Man spin off” pipe dream movie are all still in development, with no input from Marvel. Sony: do the female movie first. If you’re really trying to “catch the pulse” or whatever tortured metaphor you’re using these days, get ahead of this thing. People want this, you can look like heroes if you pretend to care and we’ll all be winners.
You know who the real winner is? Dan Slott. That guy’s just lucky to be working.

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