Madison WizardCon Pictures!

Presented in no particular order

Here’s the new banner art for our site which I’ve got to actually get up soon ok nevermind more pics incoming

Ok, then

Admiral Adama himself putting on a tolerance clinic

Shatner himself negotiating with the truth (he told a few tall tales)

A GREAT Ms. Marvel costume

Bat-Radia sold separately

You just throwing on an afghan might not be a costume, guy *shrug*

A view of the show floor

A shot of the gaming area; there were card games and RPG demos all day

The maligned Zombie-Zone Airsoft range which sounded like a Saturday night in Fallujah

A look into Artists’ Alley

Batmobile ’66!

I was lucky to see Jim Krueger and get him to sign my Paradise X #1

This is just a 12′ Arlequino statue at a local bar. Don’t worry; you’ll see it again on Judgment Day

These aren’t con related; they’re just from Sesame Street

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