The CON is ON!

Folks! This weekend is Madison, Wisconsin’s 1stannual WizardCon and we will be there! Guests this year include a few names you may know like, say, William Shatner? Ring a bell? Also there, Bruce Campbell, Eliza Dushku, Edward James Olmos, Michael Rooker, Neal Adams, Rob Liefeld, Michael Golden, Billy Dee freakin’ Williams and a TON more. We will be there, reporting from the floor and keeping you updated with tweets and posts about what’s happening, who’s wearing what and if Deadpool gets his hands on those chimichangas (silly Deadpool, chimichangas are for non-fictional beings!).

If you’re going to be in the area, single day and VIP passes are still available. Check out times and ticketing information.
Next post you see from me will be from the Batmobile. Stay tuned, same JET time, same JET channel!
Skeletor called Evil-Lyn a “boob” once and honestly it was probably the highlight of my short life up until that point. They have NO IDEA how happy they made a bunch of 10-year-olds.

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