Whoa! X-Babies!

Looks like Fox is putting the “youngsters” back in “gifted youngsters”. Bryan Singer just announced on Twitter that three leads from X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) have been cast,

Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner (18) as Jean Grey
Tree of Life’s Tye Sheridan (18) as Cyclops
and Alexandra Shipp (23) as Storm

So now Jackman, should he appear (ok, WHEN he appears), really will be Old Man Logan. Magneto’s getting up there, too. They join my new boyfriend Oscar Isaac in an 80’s-set film that will feature titular villain Apocalypse, which will almost certainly *not* be played by that kid in the tag at the end of DOFP. Sorry, kid.

I’ll just leave this here…

Something I like about this, it’s a chance to make it lighter and more accessible to everyone. This tastes crazy in my mouth and I know Fox has the franchise with Mr. Stabby-Hands, but there’s really no reason these films can’t be family-friendly and deliver action that kids dig but that doesn’t make parents make that Marge sound when they wonder if their kid should be *really excited* about a sextuple-knifing. Eh, what am I saying? This is more Fox’s speed..

Speaking of Secret Wars, ‘member when the Beyonder just straight up killed the New Mutants, levelled the mansion and erased the memory of their existence from the minds of everyone on Earth? Good. Times.

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