Alright, There’s a Lot of News Today so Listen Up

Let’s blow through this because we all have cookies to eat and people to punch at the mall

-Luke Cage has been cast (officially), according to Marvel and he’s gonna be Mike Colter, from The Good Wife, American Horror Story and that Halo thing which is coming out soon. It looks like it’ll be a…a…*c’mon you can do this*…urk…”sweet Christmas” for him! *pant pant*


-Straight from the director’s mouth, there’s no schedule, script OR green light from WB on the Wonder Woman movie, nor similar for a Black Widow movie, lady Ghostbuster movie, “female-focused” Spider-verse movie, Captain Marvel or any other lip-servicey empty promise project that’s being “made” to satisfy the very real desire by the public to see women do something other than talk to computers in genre films. Hey, another Spider-Man reboot!

via Vulture

-Try and sift through this Reddit post if you can (it also gazes into you, btw), but it looks like Deathstroke may be a part of a Harley Quinn-focused Suicide movie…or he’ll just get all of her lines and we’ll see her boobs a couple of times (sorry, still sorta bitter)


-aaaaaand, not even news, really, but let this melt the hoar on your Hoggarth hosts (that all checks out)

via Newsarama

Ok, back to the toy mines!

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