Genisys beats Exodus (sorry, Christian[s])

The trailer for Terminator: Genisys is finally here and you can watch it below. After the jump, I have a few comments that you’re all thinking but I’m brave enough to SAY (cowards)…uh, enjoy?

This is a series that ate its tail so long ago it’s puking up its own grandparents. Ok, that didn’t make any sense and it still makes more sense than this franchise does.
Some thoughts –

  • Much like the first one, this movie is about butts mainly
  • “Come with me blah blah blah” – We will never, ever get rid of this. It is the 99-year-lease of catchphrases
  • Asian T-1000 is a step up but c’mon…Robert Patrick is out there. The T-1000 doesn’t have to *look* svelte.  In fact, an older, paunchy cop (sorry, Bob) would be a better cop disguise
  • She saves him – right, right, girl power, everyone but again reference the above. This film now only makes sense to Hugh Everett. Look it up.
  • Does John still know when he sends Kyle back that…well, *you* know. I’m all for determinism but this is a *totally* different Sarah now and unless they seal the deal in the same week of the same month…no John, no future. Is the present of the future (keep up now) still the same before all the past present screwiness? (NOW you’ve got it)
  •  Does Kyle have the pic of Sarah? Would be a good way to recast Clarke in a single prop since it’s so iconic
  • “Everything’s changed” – no guano, Alyssa Milano
  •  Car chase, large vehicle flips over, fighting in a mall…they didn’t exactly stretch themselves to find new beats here…if she offers to make him “plastique”, I’m out
  • *Sigh*, ok, you’re not gonna like this one but Linda Hamilton = Emilia Clarke. They’re both 7’s on genre shows who are breaking into Hollywood with sci-fi action films. Does this mean Emilia gets ripped for TG2?
  •  I’m tm’ing TG2 for the sequel before Paramount can. They can buy it back!
  •  Did I blink or did I miss Matt Smith?
  • Nice bus flip. Impossible AND ripping off Dark Knight.
  •  Still seeing it.

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  1. No Matt Smith–that was one of my first thoughts. So I investigated a wee bit. Turns out that the whole production is keeping his character's identity under wraps. (No character name listed on imdb either). I read an interesting article about this, but there are a lot of spoilers…

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