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220: Amazonian Gym Tan Laundry

All the world is waiting for you to hear our latest episode! Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman is here and we’ve got a spoiler-free review! Plus, we visit the ancient land of 1987 as we follow the adventures of George Perez’s Wonder Woman reboot for Comic Book Club! And we’ve got...


199: Aff-sploitation!

We dip into the dark genre of Ben Affleck exploitation films this week when we review Reindeer Games for Craft Disservices! Unpretty. Plus, we’ve got some last minute Rogue One thoughts, a lot of Marvel and DC TV news, and we wrap our eight arms around the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer!...


190: None More Black

Escape the darkest timeline with us on this show and discover something even darker as we study Black Science! Plus, we’ve got news of American Werewolves, Japanese cats, British Spider-Men, Young Justice, Westworld, the X-Men, and more! And if that wasn’t enough, we kick off our Women’s Writes series by...