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221: Lynchian, But Not Gross

Turn down the lights in your universe this week as we review Universal’s attempt to bring The Mummy franchise back to life! Plus, crank the Drowning Pool as we head back to 2002 for the Rock’s first big flick, The Scorpion King! And we’ve got news about Wonder Woman, Cowboy...


188: Ditko Balls

There were a lot of good options for naming this episode, but in the end, it always came down to Ditko Balls. Be cowed, wowed, and plowed this show as we review Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange and Marvel Comics’ Doctor Strange in Marvel Premiere! Plus, we review Stan Against Evil,...


150: Ye Olde Time Rock and Roll

Grab your shield, take off your pants, and start singing your unicorn song as we live through Legend! Plus, we’ve got news on Dr. Strange, the new XBox, and…LinkedIn? Who knew asking people if they knew people they already know could net you $26 billion? And we’ve got cosplay tips!...