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218: Basic B Horror Filmmaking

Scratch another film off the Big Board of New Releases as we birth our review of Alien: Covenant! Plus, we check out a pair of classic Alien stories as we cover Aliens: Salvation and Sacrifice for Comic Book club. Add a report of DC’s upcoming schedule of dour, bleak superhero...


217: Historical Blindness

People in Hell want ice water and nerds in the know want JET! Join us this week for a breakdown of all the news that’s fit to cast from the last few weeks of nerdy entertainment, including a new Hellboy, a Deadpool and a Gorillaz animated series, news about cancellations...


150: Ye Olde Time Rock and Roll

Grab your shield, take off your pants, and start singing your unicorn song as we live through Legend! Plus, we’ve got news on Dr. Strange, the new XBox, and…LinkedIn? Who knew asking people if they knew people they already know could net you $26 billion? And we’ve got cosplay tips!...