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221: Lynchian, But Not Gross

Turn down the lights in your universe this week as we review Universal’s attempt to bring The Mummy franchise back to life! Plus, crank the Drowning Pool as we head back to 2002 for the Rock’s first big flick, The Scorpion King! And we’ve got news about Wonder Woman, Cowboy...


195: White Knight of Cups

We have a rough knight this week as we tilt at the windmill of Terrence Malick’s white male privilege. You know what else is white? SALT. Plus, we hit news of Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Moana, have a dejected pillow fight, and explore the ennui of Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World....


182: Mulan Pixie Dream Girl

Storm the castle with us this week as we take it to Disney over their Mulan and Aladdin remakes, talk Supergirl, Wonder Woman and the UN(?), bring you the news, *and* we sell our souls for Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits for Comic Book Club! A Hell of a show! Forgive us,...