Who we are!

Ka1iban (Aaron Coker) was born on Ceti Alpha V (or was it Ceti Alpha VI?) to mutant bioroid time-travellers. After crash-landing on Earth, he trained for a decade with mountain ninjas to learn the ways of Nerd-Fu. He was college roommates with the Yellow Kid and he invented the foil-embossed hologram cover. He burned Charles Foster Kane’s sled and put the ashes in Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase. He is a 12th-level Ikari Warrior and has beaten Top Gun on the NES (ok, *that* might be a lie). Actually, he’s a lifelong nerd who was born (nearly) in a Batman costume, knows who to put money on in an ORAC vs MCP sabbac game, owns the first appearance of Kitty Pride, keeps his dice on his person at all times, has read Gravity’s Rainbow TWICE and is ecstatic he’s lived long enough to say things like “keep skatin’, elf-boy” on the Internet.


Mikanhana (Diane Blumenfeld) became obsessed with Japan after she was exposed to Sailor Moon years ago. Her interest in Japan (the culture, the language, the food, the lacquerwork) has grown like Tetsuo ever since. She devoured anime and manga like it was her job, which worked out great because now it is! She enjoys reading comics of all shapes, sizes, and prices (boo). She also loves Jane Austen, which is a nerddom all to itself. Mika’s favorite superhero is Hawkgirl, but only the Justice League cartoon version; God bless you, Chica Halc√≥n. She wants to believe that the truth is out there, but it’s probably hiding in Scully’s shoulder pads. She’s into hard sci-fi; fantasy is bullsh*t. Aaaaand, she’s the first female Doctor, so dip that in your tea, Moffat!