Just Enough Trope 5: Mr. Protagonist

Welcome to the all-new Just Enough Trope, the podcast where we explore the reasons that your favorite media is the way it is. From movies to TV shows to literature to video games, stories are often built around repeated elements and we’re here to talk about them all!

In 2023, video games are more impressive than ever, they make billions of dollars, and they’re played by people all over the world…so why are they so male and white? Every videogame protagonist looks like he’d have no trouble getting a business loan, even as more and more female developers and creators of color enter the industry. Is there just something about clapping on the downbeat that appeals to gamers or is there something more dangerous at work? Join us as we sift through a country club of bland protagonists to try and find out why game characters are all the same!

“Video Games” is the millennial “Free Bird”!

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