Just Enough Trope 3: With Super Friends Like These…

Welcome to the all-new Just Enough Trope, the podcast where we explore the reasons that your favorite media is the way it is. From movies to TV shows to literature to video games, stories are often built around repeated elements and we’re here to talk about them all!

Every single time that two superheroes meet…they have to fight. Every damn time. But why? Mistaken identity? Establishing dominance? Union rules? It’s a phenomenon germane but not exclusive to comics, and the reasons for heroes squaring up can go way past their mothers having the same first name. This week, in addition to talking about the presence of this trope across all media, we’re tackling the granddaddy superhero fight of all-time, the legendary and seminal “The Dark Knight Returns”!

Now we see the violence inherent in the system!

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