235: Same JET Time, Same JET Channel

Bring your atomic batteries to power and your turbines to speed this week as we deliver a two-fisted helping of comic justice!

We’ve got stories from the world of the nerd, including Jordan Peele hunting Nazis, the return of Sarah Conner, HBO’s Watchmen, and a drama-free wrap for The Last Jedi! Plus, we look at a trio of trailers for hot, upcoming films.

Then, we unite against the White Martian menace (and Superman’s mullet) as we review Grant Morrison’s JLA for Comic Book Club! And finally, we chat with Emmy-award winning composer and CONvergence 2017 Guest of Honor Kristopher Carter about his origins in the industry, telling the story through music, and composing for shows like Justice League and the new film Batman vs Two-Face!

Keep both hands on the Batrope for this groovy episode!


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News 09:15
Tomb Raider, Isle of Dogs, The Shape of Water trailers 27:28
Grant Morrison’s JLA 47:31
Kris Carter interview 01:14:21

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