228: Deus Ex Hawkina

JET is back with the epic adventure of a new kind of podcast! We strap on our loincloths, pack up the ferrets, and bring you a loving look at The Beastmaster for our Craft Disservices segment! Plus, we report the latest news from the world of nerdy entertainment, and we’ve got more interviews with the amazing guests of CONvergence 2017!

First, we talk to CVG Guest of Honor Seanan McGuire, author of Feed and filk star, about fantasy in fiction. Then, it’s on to Cam Banks, RPG designer and brand manager for Atlas games, where we talk about his origins with fantasy and roleplaying. And finally, we chat with Blood Gamble author Melissa F. Olson about the modern monster movie and just what is up with Tom Cruise! The answer might SCARE you!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got an exciting announcement about a new show on our network! Good times!

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09:59 The News
29:22 Seanan McGuire interview
39:04 Cam Banks interview
55:58 Melissa F Olson interview
01:12:38 The Beastmaster on Craft Disservices
01:40:52 Big Announcement!

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